Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Rocks!

My dad and other mother took me and my little sister to Florida to visit Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Diane for Spring Break. They've got an awesome swimming pool and a big ol' boat. We're having a blast. Actually, I just saw a lizard in the backyard. How bout that? As long as it's not an alligator! Oh, we took the boat to the Gulf of Mexico the other day and saw a bunch of dolphins. My dad, of course, had his camera out and got a couple pictures. I'll post a bunch of the shots he's been taking for you now.

This is me getting ready to show my sister how to do an epic cannonball.


My dad calls this Phi Samma Jamma.

I got a little up close and personal with a sandcrab.

Here's me with the entire Gulf of Mexico all to myself. Pretty epic, too.

My dad made me take this picture because he says I'm handsome. I tell him he gets one chance. It's not so bad.

Here's that dolphin I was tellin' you about.

This is the other mother's nephew, Michael. He's a freshman at University of Tampa and he came down to visit us for the Easter weekend. Michael is really cool. He's stays up really really late and then doesn't get up til like 11 in the morning. A couple of weeks ago he was walking home from a party and he and his two friends tried to take a short cut through a pretty rough neighborhood. Well, that was a big mistake. They got held up by a group of guys with guns! One of his friends ran and the bad guys took a couple shots at him! Thankfully, they missed. Poor Michael had to hand over his wallet and his iphone! I asked him about it about a hundred times. I just couldn't imagine it. Michael said he didn't care about handing over his stuff. He just wanted out alive. He said he's never gonna take that shortcut again.

That's all for now.

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